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User's Internet Password setting
~Kirk Fezlunivu 01/22/2004 04:12 AM
Toolkits All Releases Windows 2000

Hi there,
I am using C Library to create a user on Domino Server. (REGNewUser API)
The user is getting created properly.

Now i want to set the internet password for this user.
I take the password to be set in plain text.
then i use the API
SECKFMCreatePassword(char far *pPassword,
KFM_PASSWORD far *retHashedPassword);

to get the hashed password...

I get some garbage string in the "HashedPassword" member of retHashedPassword structure.

Now, i am confused, how to convert this 'HashedPassword' into a notes internet encrypted password.

When i directly set a internet password on the resource, its give a string with 34 characters
heres an example
i set internet password for a user as 'aaa'
and i see '(AC061B4C365B5948586AF8230D0B7432)' as its internet password in the user document.

Now how do i convert the hashed password to the notes encrypted password , so that i can set it to the Internet Password of the User Document

any help is more than welcome

Sunil Rashinkar

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